The art of epoxy resin is increasing day by day, and people are constantly coming up with new objects to make with epoxy resin. We provide a variety of accessories that you can use to showcase your creativity by using our wonderful epoxy resin.

Silicone Moulds

For making beautiful ornaments and jewelry pieces, we have an exclusive range of silicone molds. There are no limits when it comes to shaping using epoxy resin. Usually, a low viscosity epoxy resin is used while working with molds as it has a thin consistency. Our casting resin has been formulated especially for being used with a cast, resulting in the shape of your choice. The resin in the mold will cure crystal clear unless you add color or pigment to it. While using a low viscosity resin with the mold, you will have a little longer to work with the resin before it starts to harden. This is because of its low exothermic rate. Our silicone molds are ideally suited to be used as a material for casting molds. The cured products can be easily removed from the mold due to the high flexibility of our silicone molds. They are non-toxic and are completely harmless.

Epoxy Resin with Glitter
The Epoxy Resin and Decor

Dried Flowers And Glitter

Resin is an ideal way of preserving things, so it’s the first choice for embedding flowers. Preserving dried flowers is getting a lot of popularity lately. People are using this technique to preserve their prized possessions to keep them around for longer. Using dried flowers with resin is used a lot in making jewelry. This is highly customizable as you can choose the flowers you want or add and the jewelry piece you want to make with it. We have a variety of dried flowers and leaves that you can choose from to customize your jewelry or bookmark. There are many ways you can preserve flowers in resin. Usually, a low viscosity resin is recommended to use as it decreases the chances of bubbles and gives some time to place the flowers accordingly. Glitter is very commonly used in epoxy resin for different objects. We also provide a fine micro-glitter that you can use to take your resin creations a step ahead.


Working with resin can be tricky, and it can take some time to get used to it. It is very easy for the bubbles to be formed while working with resin, and using a heat gun or torch is the easiest way to get rid of the bubbles.  Our torch and heat gun are perfect to be used with resin and work efficiently well.  It is very easy to get rid of bubbles using a heat gun. You need to keep your heat gun about 2 inches away from the resin’s surface. Move the heat gun in a back and forth motion, and you will see the bubbles being popped. Although using this sounds very easy, you still need to be careful while working with a heat gun or torch as both objects can get pretty hot.

Epoxy Resin Drier