Epoxies are excellent at preventing water and moisture. Our Epoxy metal coating poses a strong surface that generates a bond with the metal for the duration of the appliance and curing process.

Our Epoxy metal coating is a thick protective material that is used to preserve carbon steel tanks. They are mainly used to avoid ant exterior corrosion. They provide optimum protection from abrasion, turbulence, corrosive fluids, and weather extremities. Our epoxy metal coating can be used in many ways, including industrial concrete floors, carbon steel tanks, because of its extreme durability.

Our epoxy metal coating is not only durable but also is resistant to many corrosive substances. It is a top choice for many industrial coating appliances

Benefits Of Epoxy Metal Coating

Epoxy metal coating has several benefits. Some include:


We love earth just as much you do! Like all of our products, our epoxy metal coating is non-toxic, highly durable, and also environmentally friendly. Fumes do not erode or dissolve into the environment because of epoxy’s high cohesion. They will also not mix with the air or leave any traces in the water.

Clean And Easy To Maintain

our Epoxy metal coating is very easy to keep clean. Most materials can wash off easily. The stains are unlikely to stay because of the hardness of the material. The epoxy metal coating is widely used in the food industries as they must have the ability to keep their processing plant clean.

Highly Durable

Once the epoxy has cured, it becomes like a hard surface. The Epoxy Metal coating lasts approximately for about five years even if the tank resides outdoors, which is MUCH longer than regular enamel paint lasting.

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Features Of Epoxy Metal Coating

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Weather Resistant

With our epoxy metal coating, the tank will be able to withstand extreme temperatures, up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank will also be water-resistant.

Impact Resistant

Our epoxy metal coating is highly strong and durable. These qualities make it impact resistant, meaning that your coating will not split or crack.

Chemical Resistant

It is ideal to use because it will protect your tank from all harmful chemicals. Chemical corrosion is very common in industrial plants because of the use of harmful chemicals. If your storage tank gets in contact with a chemical, it can lead to serious issues. Not only will it cause production issues, but it can also lead to contamination and massive destruction.