Our Epoxy Tank lining is HIGHLY durable and leaves an excellent coverage. We have a range of finishes and colors available. Our Epoxy tank lining is ideal for perseverance and for covering previously repaired or damaged areas. 

The reaction between the polyepoxides with the hardeners forms a thermosetting polymer often with beneficial mechanical properties and elevated thermal and chemical resistance. The excessive positive qualities make it possible to store more than just water in the epoxy-coated tank.

Benefits Of Using Epoxy Tank Lining

Our epoxy tank lining has several benefits that elevate the durability and the longevity of your tanks. Some of the benefits are:

High Impact Endurance

Our epoxy tank lining offers much higher durability than conventional tanks. Using our epoxy tank lining will mean that you do not have to worry about your tank having any sort of scratches, dents, or any paint being chipped. Our epoxy lining will ensure that your tank withstands any harsh conditions.

Extremely Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion occurs naturally and can cause a lot of damage to your steel tanks. Various types of corrosions can happen. Some include, general corrosion, localized corrosion ,galvanic corrosion. Our Epoxy tank lining will make sure that the tank does not suffer any corrosion from any agents or the circumstances. This means that you can store any type of liquid in the tanks lined with our epoxy tank lining.

High Chemical Resistance

Our epoxy tank lining is highly non-reactive and stable, and a plus point is that it can be mixed according to you with different types of epoxy to create a distinctive epoxy that needs to be applied for certain chemicals. Some chemicals that can be stored in our epoxy lined tanks include, flammable liquids, alcohol, fermentation tanks

Our Epoxy tank linings have pH sustainability of 2-11 and a temperature of up to 60 degrees.

High Thermal Resistance

The Epoxy tank lining that we provide is ideal for people who are looking for cold or heat-resistant storage solutions. Our epoxy tank lining makes sure that the tank is highly thermal resistant, leading to the tank being able to function in any circumstance, from ice-cold weather or under the desert sun, performing optimally anywhere.

Proven Execution

Our epoxy tank lining is easily sprayed by heavy-duty airless equipment and follows a one-coat system. It can be applied directly to blast-cleaned steel. The surface needs to be moisture-free to make sure that the epoxy bonds with the surface properly and we get in optimal results.

Epoxy Resin Suppliers in Pakistan

Uses For Epoxy Lined Tanks

Epoxy Resin Manufacturers in Pakistan

Once you have lined your tanks with our Epoxy tank lining, you can use the tank for many different purposes. The lined tank can be used for:

  • Storing water in rural and remote areas
  • Stormwater retention
  • Water purification tanks
  • Potable water tanks
  • Chemical storage