We have a wide variety of pigments available that will make your projects stand out.  Our bright colored pigments work wonderfully with our crystal clear resin. They are finely powdered and are available in different colors, types, and finishes. They are perfect to use for any type of art, such as jewelry making, table making, soap, candles, and bath soap. Our pigments are easy to use, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Our pigments come in a variety of colors and excel in providing a beautiful color selection for your  DIY projects. These pigments are highly recommended by all because they are very easy to use and mix magically with the resin. You can also mix and match different pigments to create and come up with stunning colors.

We make sure that our pigments have a great color pay-off. A little product goes a long way. Our pigments can be used to be mixed with the epoxy resin used as paints, laminating, casting. They are highly blend able into epoxy resins to make uniform colors. The high coloring quantity means that the use of a small number of pigments will result in highly colored resin. We make sure that all our products should be non-toxic. Our pigments are non-toxic and low odor, making it easier for you to work with them and making sure that the earth is not being harmed in any way too.

Mica Powder

Mice powder is a non-toxic mineral. It is known for giving off a shimmery metallic appearance. Mica powder is used in a variety of products, including soaps and cosmetics. Mica powder is different from regular pigment powder because of its shine. Our premium quality mica powders will give your products a beautiful glow. Our Mica powders are highly versatile and can be used for several different projects. Our Mica powder is ground into a fine consistency as a powder and gives a shiny natural effect. It is advisable to mix your mica powder with a clear or translucent resin or any other medium. This is because the particles are very small, and they will lose their effect if combined with an opaque medium. You can easily combine it with our clear resin for a beautiful result. You can either use a small amount to give a metallic finish or mix them for a more uniform color. Our mica powder is ethically sourced and is 100% vegan friendly, and like all of our other products, it is 100% safe to use.

Colorful Epoxy Resin

Inks And Dyes

Epoxy Resin Paint

Our Epoxy coloring inks and dyes are 100% safe to use.

There are many different types of colors present in the media; however, not all are suitable for coloring resin. Water in the inks makes them unsuitable to be used for coloring resin as epoxy resin is hydrophobic. The mixing ratio might be affected, and this will lead to the resin not being hardened properly. Our Resin Dye is specially developed to work hand in hand with resin. The similar composition of both the products makes them ideal for working with each other, leading to a wonderful product. Our dyes and inks are Non-focus and can be used without any concern. Our alcohol-based ink gives a gorgeous, rich saturated color. It can be mixed thoroughly with the resin resulting in a uniform color.